Which century does your recruitment strategy sit in?

Posted by Victoria Williams 
It is amazing to think that just a few years ago most people only logged onto the internet to access their emails, search the web and do some online shopping. Fast forward to 2013 and it has been reported that more than 1.5 billion people are on social networking sites. Almost one in five hours is spent on these networks, increasingly on mobile devices. 

These social networks have been a cultural, social, and economic phenomenon. New social behaviours have been created, new freedoms gained. So as our daily life becomes more heavily intertwined with the web and all its glory it would be foolish to underestimate the power it has within the ever changing recruitment landscape. 

With the rise of the smart phone it has been predicted by Morgan Stanley that within the next three years, mobile internet users will exceed desktop users – some even believe we’ll reach that before the end of 2013. Their research is showing us that people are actively searching for jobs on their mobile phones. Interesting, while people are looking at jobs throughout the day, they wait until they get home and apply via desktop.

So, you should ask yourself this question – how has your recruitment strategy changed over the last 10 years - has it changed at all? If the answer is no, then the question I have for you is how do you expect to recruit the same top talent in a market where candidates no longer rely on traditional recruitment methods? 

I have mentioned in previous blogs that you do not have to spend the big bucks in order to evolve your recruitment strategy. Simple steps such as creating career sites that engage and inform your candidates about your organisation is a powerful tool. 

Here are my 6 hard truths to help you wake up, and realise your recruitment may be in the 20th century:
  1. I still get applications via email
  2. I don’t reply to applicants to update them on their application
  3. I advertise on Seek because I have always advertised on Seek… aka I have no idea where my talent is actually coming from .And I mean TALENT not APPLICANTS… big difference
  4. I get so overwhelmed with applicants that I just book interviews based on names because I can’t be bothered assessing each candidate properly to see who is the most suited
  5. I hire on personality and fail to think about emotional intelligence
  6. I often don’t do reference checks
If you answered yes to one or more of these. you need to slap yourself silly, then call me for a discussion on how you can get into the 21st century and maybe even into the 22nd century!! Victoria 03 9691 4777 or click here to email me

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