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Posted by +Tim Cincotta  

I don’t read many books, but when I do, I read non-fiction and mostly business or biography. The last piece of fiction I read was The DaVinci Code (which was half historical facts anyhow).  My favourite author at the moment is Richard Branson. I have read each of his books and get carried away in his business adventures whenever I sit down with his work.

At the end of it I always think, “how good would it be to work at Virgin?”  Fortunately I have a pretty good workplace now, so the feeling wears off quickly (I can hear our CEO breathing a sigh of relief), but none the less, I am still intrigued. 

The Virgin Group has a great employment brand in the market place and Richard Branson himself is a key reasons for this.  When you think of Branson, you think of fun and adventure and this feeling carries through to his businesses. If the chairman has this much fun, can you imagine how much his staff love it?

So who is the face of your employment brand, and how are they pushing your business as a great place to work? Does your business have a LinkedIn page or Facebook dedicated to careers? These are great platforms to display your group’s culture, especially if you have a face to your employment brand showing everyone out there how great it is to work for you.

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