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We are committed to providing inexpensive, transparent and effective recruitment solutions to our clients. Here is a snapshot of our key offerings:

If you don't have the time, experience or expertise to manage the recruitment process yourself - get us to do it for you. For a low flat fee, we will advertise your vacancy on a range of online mediums, review and screen all applications, then conduct phone interviews to compile a final shortlist for you, ready for you to face to face interview. This service takes the hassle out of recruitment and costs a fraction of the price of a traditional recruitment agency. Best of all, you get access to ALL candidates that applied for your role, meaning the process is totally transparent. 

Response Management tools
The days of managing applications via your inbox are long gone and you can say goodbye to expensive Recruitment Agents. Talent Propeller's Response Manager tool ranks candidates in order of suitability as they apply, allowing you to shortlist faster. You can easily acknowledge applications, shortlist, decline, request more information, etc. at the click of a button. This tool will streamline the entire recruitment process and reduce your time to hire by 30%.

Skills Testing
With so many applications piling up for every job, employers need access to quick, easy and reliable skills and aptitude tests to ensure candidates have the ability to undertake a role. By including skills tests as part of your recruitment process, you can ascertain the complete package of each applicant, not just what their resume tells you. Talent Propeller has a variety of aptitude tests for organisations wanting to assess an applicant's attitude towards sales, customer service, career progression or general feelings towards life. In addition, we have a range of skills tests which cover numeracy, spelling and grammar, typing and data entry skills. We can even create a customised solution specifically for your business if required.

Advertising Strategies
Good design is fundamental to the success of any ad and every piece of communication your business produces says something about you. It is a little like wearing the right suit to work. The way you choose to present yourself is incredibly important - especially in today's highly visual world. We specialise in designing eye-catching advertisements for all media channels. Over the years we have created literally millions of unique designs for almost every industry sector - so we know what works and what doesn't. 

Careers Websites
Job seekers want to work for a professional company and like to be able to research a business prior to applying or being interviewed. A careers website is the perfect tool to allow you to promote your employer brand, communicate information to job seekers and attract the best talent. A careers website can work in conjunction with your advertising to allow you to cut down on your advertising spend, and is an essential portal for alternative media options such as social media channels and online campaigns.

Video Interviews
Often applicants look great on paper, but in a face to face interview you quickly learn that they are totally unsuitable for the role. Before spending valuable time on face to face meetings,engage the Talent Propeller Video Interview software to request an introductory video on your preferred candidates.  You can decide if you want to ask specific questions that the candidate needs to answer, or if it is just a general introduction of themselves.  It's be like you are sitting in front of your potential employee, watching their interaction, creativity, initiative and drive to secure your role! This service really does separate the mediocre from the outstanding and aims to highlight the best of your applicants, ready for review and interview.

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