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When I very first started in the recruitment industry, the shift from print to online job boards was well underway.Recruiters and Hiring Managers were thrilled that instead of spending thousands on a one hit wonder print ad, they could spend hundreds  (or even less than a hundred back in the day!) on an online ad that would last up to a month.

Years down the track and the gloss has worn off. People are growing increasingly frustrated with the pitfalls of online job boards – the hundreds of unsuitable applicants, the yearly price hikes and the competition against thousands of other ads.

So, if you too are disillusioned with job boards and want to try something else, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Go back to print. It may seem like a step back, but in actual fact certain roles do perform better in print. A small ad in your local paper will cost less than some job boards and potentially yield better results. “blue collar’ or trades based roles perform well, as do some minimally skilled roles such as admin and aged care. 
  2. Start your own job board. Aka your very own careers website. If you have your own careers site, you have a platform to drive people to through various different channels – you can promote this site via your newsletters, your intranet and by handing out cards at reception.
  3. Leverage your networks. Use your network on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to recruit (as mentioned here by Tim last week)
  4. Go to Expos. There are hundreds of expos every year, from industry specific ones to ones aimed at encouraging immigration across the ditch. A stand at an expo can be pricey, so do your research first and make sure to be prepared. 
  5. Start a referral program. After all, if you hire great people, it’s likely they too also know great people! And who makes a better ambassador for your organisation than a happy current employee?   
  6. Get proactive. Want to hire a great designer? Check out sites like Pinterest and Visually and talk to some of the designers that interest you. Want a social media expert? Jump on twitter and see who’s having interesting conversations. Come across a great salesperson in your life outside the office? See if they are happy in their current job or could be tempted to work for you. 
  7. Think outside the box.  One of the most interesting recruiting strategies I heard of involved offering free cows on Farmville (a popular Facebook game which will get you defriended from my account if you send me an invite)  in return for candidates resumes.  Where do your ideal employees spend their time and what can YOU offer them?
At Talent Propeller we firmly believe the days of monolithic job boards are numbered and are planning accordingly. The future of recruitment is looking exciting! 
Farmville Cow/Unique recruitment strategy

(With thanks to +Bill Boorman -  http://www.recruitingblogs.com/profiles/blogs/send-us-your-resume-and-we-will-send-you-a-cow)

Amy White is the Client Director at Talent Propeller. You can find her on LinkedIn or email her here.

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