Why branding your culture is crucial to staying ahead of the change.

Posted by Victoria Williams

Personal brands, employer brand, employer of choice - these are just a few of the buzz words that have been circling the recruitment market for the last few years. What does it all mean? Do we really need to start shouting from the roof tops about how great we are to attract candidates? Why can’t we just rely that they will find us if they want to?
Unfortunately many organisations are only just realising that the candidate market is very different playground than it was 10 years ago. Candidates will search for the best job and I’m not just talking about having the best salary. They’re looking for a culture that reflects them personally and professionally. They want to see who works for the business, they want to know if they will have the freedom to express their personality and more importantly feel like what they do will count.
All that said, I think it’s fair to say that TALENT is the magic that makes a business work. To have a loyal employee who will move heaven and earth to make sure that everything they do is unmatched ensures the continual growth and success that any business would be proud to have. Take a look at Google and Apple these companies have been extremely vocal in how their culture drives the success of their business. Not only have they shared their playbook but they unashamedly have promoted this success, so yes you could say they shout it from the roof tops.

In today’s market it is imperative that as part of your recruitment strategy you talk about your brand and show what you stand for. Popping up a simple advert on SEEK is not going to get you the best candidate.

You only have to think ahead - in 5 years’ time do you think candidates will be searching for job advertisements through job boards? The answer is NO. With the introduction of Social Media and multiple search engines and the like, candidates as we know them will become far more involved in self-promotion and will expect companies to do the same.

We can no longer wait for the market to change before we do anything- why? Because the War for Talent has already started, if your organisation doesn’t have some sort of online presence within the employee market you may as well start hiring unskilled labour now because that is all you will be left with if you fail to brand your culture.

It sounds presumptuous, but it’s the truth. Take a look at your kids or your friend’s kids, what technological skills do they possess? I bet you they have far more than what you and I had when we left school (yes it shows my age but it’s the truth!)

Branding your culture will be the first step to ensure you stay ahead of the change, you don’t need to spend huge $$$ to bring your recruitment methods into the 21st Century. In my next post I will discuss the key steps to creating and promoting your branded culture – even on a shoestring budget!

Victoria is the Sales Director and Partner to Talent Propeller. Her expertise is to work with companies to re-educate them on how to improve their recruitment methods. Once Victoria understands the needs of her clients she will carefully select and demonstrate the relevant products that will assist them in improving their recruitment methods. You can follow Victoria on LinkedIn or you can reach her on 03 9691 4777.

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