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On Saturday I played my first football (Aussie Rules) match in nearly 3 years. Needless to say I didn’t walk properly again until Wednesday.

So 3 years after I said “that’s enough, no more giving up my weekends running around in driving rain getting beaten and bruised chasing a leather ball,” I went out and did it all again. This weekend I plan on doing it again.

I blame Facebook for this. The club I had played for over 8 seasons had created what is known as a “thirds” team. It is mostly made up of blokes who don’t want to train and want to rock up, have a kick on Saturday morning, finish at 11.30, then get on with the rest of the weekend.   On their first game, the thirds drew 13 players (you need 18 in Australian Football to field a team – that’s without substitutes).

The next week, Facebook was abuzz with news of this team. All of a sudden former players, friends of players and anyone within reach knew about the team, and the following week, we had 23 players. Through networks and social media, they recruited 10 players in one week.

I am a big fan of using your networks to recruit especially through Social Media to recruit. I found myself back at Talent Propeller through reading a post from a former colleague on LinkedIn. Every time I post a job on the LinkedIn job board I also share this with my network. You never know the reach you can get through your connections and their connections. If one of your connections likes the role you post, all of their connections will see this in their news feed too.

The next time you are looking to recruit, be sure to use Social Media to share your role, don’t just rely on the job boards or media to get all of the attention for you. Jump on LinkedIn, shout out that you are looking for someone, share on Facebook and Twitter. Word will get around fast, and you may find yourself with a few great referrals

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