5 ways you may be damaging your employer brand.

You’re spending your hard earnt money on job advertising. Can you afford to be paying zero attention to your employer brand? 

If you want the best talent, the short answer is no. Check out 5 ways you might be hurting your employer brand with job advertising:

1. Last minute, slapdash job ads.

A sure way to help people not apply on your job ads is to leave it till the last minute, not proof read, and not specify contact details.

Your job ad is at the heart of your recruitment process. This is the elevator pitch making the case why someone should want to work with you. Deciding not to proof read, being vague about the position or not providing “What’s in it for me” information will put people off.

Think about your formatting, check how the ad looks when you’ve posted it, think about how it reads if someone who has never heard of your organisation reads it for the first time.

2. A never ending application
With job advertising, every step you add to your application process will mean you lose on average half of your audience. What is means for your employment brand is that if you have an application process making people answer endless questions, and clicking through a maze of pages, you are inevitably are going to make them assess how much time they are investing and contemplate whether it is worth continuing.

Think about making the experience as quick and painless for the candidate as you can. They’ve never applied with you before, so have never been on your application page –make it an easy and enjoyable experience, reminding applicants why it’s important they are applying to work with you.

3. Telling applicants to talk to the hand.
Think of candidates like your customers. They can go two ways, become advocates for your brand or become vocal critics. The best way to manage this is to make sure you communicate with everyone who applies.

For all those people who were unsuccessful, perhaps give them a reason why, or at the very least thank them for spending the time to apply with your organisation. Taking the time to do this may change someone’s day, and hopefully maintain a favourable impression of your brand.
(Cheat: Taken a look at Talent Propeller’s candidate management tools that take the leg work out of organising and communicating with candidates.)

4. What’s it in for me?

“What’s in it for me” goes back to the importance of creating a good job ad. If you want to compel someone to work with you, it’s no use throwing them a job description with all the duties of the job (unless you’re a professional wine taster, then the job task list will suffice). You should talk about your company culture, perks of the job, things they might get a discount on, location, free parking, Friday night drinks and so on.

Think about what it is that makes your organisation different and will make you stand out next to the same type of role listed next to yours on the same job board.

5. Advertising in all the wrong places

Lastly, think about where you are advertising, this is crucial to an employment branding strategy. If everyone is advertising on a job board, how do you stand out? In this day and age businesses such as yours are fighting for great people to come and work for you, so it pays to take a step back and think about where your audience may be active. (Cheat: Take a look at Talent Propeller's 2017 Media traffic report)

Job seekers aren’t just active on job boards, they are all over the place! Take Facebook for example, 75% of Australian and New Zealanders are active monthly users on this social network. That’s an audience of people with huge advertising potential.

For these reasons it is essential to partner with a recruitment solutions provider who can help you from everything from job advertising expertise to shortlisting, or both and everything in between.

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