It's not new, you just haven't done it

With adoption of technology it is often said that Australia is 5 years behind North America, and New Zealand is another 5 years behind Australia.

Talent Propeller Managing Director Sharon Davies recently wrote a piece in the New Zealand Herald suggesting that New Zealanders could learn a thing or two about streamlining their recruitment processes from their Aussie Cousins. This is usually not a popular sentiment to iterate but perhaps at least an honest one.

Why are so many New Zealand and Australian businesses afraid to reassess their recruitment processes? Risk? Loyalty?

There have been limited options available to clients in the past for how to manage their recruitment. Go it alone and do it yourself, or call in a recruitment agency.  One costs time, the other costs money, and lots of it! 

A recent survey conducted by Talent Propeller demonstrates that job seekers would much prefer to apply for a job directly than deal with a recruitment agency, siting reasons that feedback was lacking, they felt unfairly judged and the overall experience was lack lustre.

For companies who go it alone and attempt to manage the process themselves, candidates are often left in the dark with no acknowledgement of their application and no outcome communicated back. These recruitment mistakes dishearten candidates and cause flow on effects potentially harming your company’s reputation.

Fortunately, the world has evolved and there are viable, cost effective and time efficient solutions out there on how to manage your recruitment.  Why not find out your options.
Talent Propeller are in the business of putting our clients on the right channels so they can access the best Talent, whether that be better advertising strategies to find talent in the first place, or to identifying the crème of the crop from all applications received, to assessing suitability with skills and aptitude assessments.

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