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Recruiting should be seen as an opportunity to show pride in your workplace and your organisations fantastic culture. It is a time where employers can entice quality candidates by honestly appealing to job seekers needs. 

Arriving at Talent Propeller fresh from months of job seeking gives me an insight into how hard it is to be motivated to really want to work for an organisation when a job advert is poorly written, or written with the wrong intentions in mind. 

What some clients don't understand is you want to allure the highest quality candidates to be desperate to get the position. You don't want to scare them off with confusing tedious explanations of responsibilities or throw rules at their face before they have even entered the door. Who wants to work for an organisation that bombards you with strict guidelines to even apply for the job? 

Obviously if there are certain qualifications, skills or licenses needed for a position these should be mentioned but not drummed into candidates. Fluffy skills that every job seeker thinks they have should not be mentioned. Of course everyone has great communication skills if you ask them and this just makes more reading and more chance of you losing a potential employees attention. 

What employers need to realise is advertising a vacancy is exactly that, advertising. You need to sell your product! Aren’t you proud of the people you have working with you now? Aren’t you proud of how you treat your staff? Take the time to think about why you and your company are so great to work for and you might find more suitable fitted candidates start applying and actually passionately want to join you on your journey. 

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