Why is the design of your recruitment adverts so important?

Simple answer – it tells a story of your organisation. Would you design shoddy marketing material and send that to a client? Of course not, so why not put the same care and attention into your recruitment ads. After all, these people are going to be the face of your organisation if hired, so it make sense to paint a positive picture right from the first point of contact.

If you fail to apply care and attention to your recruitment ads, the quality of applicants can drastically reduce. If your wish-list is to hire a professional, intelligent, motivated and skilled individual, then you need to appeal to these people through your advert, and untidy content, uninspiring copy and a poor layout will not help you achieve your goal.  

Good design is fundamental to the success of any ad and what you produce will ultimately impact the impression that people in the market have on you. 

With three seconds to make an initial impression, one of the most effective ways to stand out from the crowd is to ensure your advertising is eye catching and professional.  However, the look of your advert is only stage one. You need informative, powerful and at times witty copy to engage with readers, inspire them to read your entire advert and motivate them enough to apply.

In addition to this, remember that advertising extends beyond just placing an advert in the paper or online when you have a vacancy to fill. It also includes how you consistently present your organisation to the market and what impression potential employees have about your company. In today's hugely online driven market, it is crucial for all types of companies to have an online presence. This can be as simple as a one page website where job seekers can read all about you, and why they should work for you.

Talent Propeller is the only recruitment services provider that has an inhouse advertising agency.  We create unique and personalised templates for our clients and best of all, we don’t charge anything for our creative services.  This means, design and copyediting services for free!  If you would like a no-obligation review of your current advertising and recommendations on how it could be improved, get in contact with us.

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