The Virtual World of the Candidate CV and hiring process

Posted by Sharon Ballantyne Davies

As we all know, the way in which candidates are applying  to our job advertisements is changing. As the regular written CV has been replaced by the online application form, make way for the use of video CV’s. But it isn't just the candidate market that is using this technology. As recruiters, virtual interviewing will become part of our future hiring process and has already proven for the US market to be a time and cost efficient way of recruiting.

Not only does it save time, video interviewing actually opens you to a talent pool you potentially would not have otherwise had access to. The world is a small place but when it comes to job opportunities abroad, many businesses are still focused on local talent and for many roles, you need to throw the net a bit wider than our local shores.

New Zealand, and Australia to a lesser extent, are struggling for health professionals –nursing staff and medical professionals are in high demand and trying to attract staff locally means you are competing with five or more other organisations and it becomes a bidding war. Many businesses have partnered with an advertising and talent sourcing service that can cast the net internationally and assist with recruiting these often highly skilled, and motivated individuals.

Video interviewing is opening the door to make this form of recruitment extremely viable, allowing you to pre-assess applicants before taking the leap and booking flights for face to face interviews.

Talent Propeller is one the first leading organisations in Australasia to provide such technology to our clients through utilising our Shortlisting services. Whether you engage us to manage the video interview process on your behalf, or utilise our technology to make it possible, Talent Propeller can open you up to international talent and help you grow a talent rich organisation. 

Sharon Ballantyne Davies is the Founding Director of Talent Propeller. She is passionate about continuing to develop technology that will change the way businesses find and hire staff and set the benchmark across the country for effective recruitment technology.

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