A Blended Model of Recruitment Outsourcing

Posted by Sharon Ballantyne Davies

If you think RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) means “you handle this, see ya’ later,” you couldn't be further from the truth.  As our markets change, our needs become bigger, we need services that are faster, quicker, more cost effective and proven to maintain good results.  

The future of recruitment will see RPO becoming an essential working recruitment model that will help to define better talent acquisition and retention processes. Any organisation that fails to take heed of this solution will find themselves scraping the bottom of the barrel for candidates. 

Soon, the days of placing an ad on SEEK to fill a role will be long gone. As social media and other technological advancements play a huge part in attracting talent, having a blended model of recruitment outsourcing will be the key for a successful hire. 

For many businesses, RPO includes social media platforms, career sites, candidate management systems, shortlisting services and many more. If you only have one of these as a part of your recruitment model, you need to sit up and listen to what the market is telling you.  If you have an HR department struggling to do it all, you might consider the benefits of partnering with a service that can carry the load in some of the key RPO areas. 

In addition, for organisations that still push recruitment out to their managers who are inexperienced in recruitment, outsourcing to a specialist can reap huge rewards for your organisation, speed up time to hire and reduce staff shortages. 

Talent Propeller can provide you with an RPO solution that will assist you in engaging with candidates across all platforms.  We also partner with many businesses who need support in key areas such as advertising, shortlisting, pre-screening, skills testing or recruitment training.  See www.talentpropeller.com.au/shortlisters  for an outline of our outsourcing solutions.

Sharon Ballantyne Davies is the Founding Director of Talent Propeller. 

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