Victoria's secrets on branding your culture on a shoestring budget.

Posted by: Victoria Williams

I promised in my last post that I would outline the key steps to creating and promoting your branded culture on a shoestring budget so here you are! 

As I have already spoken about in previous blogs when it comes to recruitment many organisations fail to recognize the importance in having an online presence when it comes to promoting their employment brand. Practically every organisation has one yet they fail to see the potential it has in attracting, hiring, and retaining quality employees. 

You don’t have to spend the big $$’s to create and promote your employee brand, in fact there are things you can do with no cost at all!

1. Create and promote your company culture 

Whilst I understand we can’t all follow in the footsteps of Google and have offices with adult playgrounds and bean bags for meeting rooms – we can use our employment brand to attract, hire, and retain the types of employees you want working in your organisation.  How? It’s as easy as setting up a careers site to appear on your corporate page.  Now I’m not just talking about listing your available jobs on your site, I’m talking about creating a space where you as the employer can educate your candidates on the culture and environment of your organisation. Simply by promoting the people that work for you can help in creating the big picture. You can either post their photos on the site with mini blogs about who they are and why they enjoy working for you OR if you really want to bring yourselves into revolution of recruitment technology the use of videos can really bolster your employment brand. YouTube videos are so easy to set up and they’re free, all you need is an IPhone a steady hand and away you go! 

2.  Social Media Presence 

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the use of Social Media in the recruitment industry is here to stay. For many of us who finished school with a pen and paper and not an ipad, the thought of social media is daunting. It can be time consuming and there are no real guidelines as to what you should and/or shouldn’t do, which for many of us is a cause for concern. Where are the rules? Who is accountable if it all goes horribly wrong?
The biggest mistake you can make is failing to recognise the power social media will have in marketing and brand building. In order for you to establish yourselves in the realms of social media your first step should be to understand what you would like to achieve – the answer here should be relatively simple. To build and engage with the candidate market to attract, retain and hire good employees!

I’m no expert in creating social media campaigns, so I am not going to try and tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing.  However the good news for you is if you are serious about establishing yourselves within the social media space there are many experts out there on the field who can give you advice –check out Amy White she provides a personalised service to businesses across Australia to establish social media campaigns: au.linkedin.com/in/amywhite1/

3. Create a Company Blog

Blogs have been around for years in fact you could argue it created the foundation of Social Media as we know it. So whilst many of us may disregard blogs as little boring or backwards they can in fact do wonders when it comes to promoting your employment brand. We now know that candidates are doing more and more research online and in fact when you are wanting to try out a new restaurant or you want to know what best European hotspots are on a shoe string budget- one of the most effective ways of accessing that information are through the blogs ordinary people like you and I have already experienced.  So why not create one for your company?

Creating a company blog is a fantastic way to really paint the picture of what life is like working for your company to a prospective employee.  It not only gives them real, organic insight into the culture of the organisation, it also gives them an opportunity to determine for themselves if your company would be a good fit for their personality and skill level. 

Relate this back to social media, blogs provide original content you can easily use to distribute on your website and social media platforms which could result in an increase in online engagement and potentially an increase in clients over time...not a bad result really is it?!

In short the point I hope comes across is that leveraging your employment brand to attract, hire, and retain quality employees is a strategy that you should be implementing. The people who you chose to hire provide the fuel that sustains your business, therefore marketing your company to prospective employees is something that should never be ignored or undervalued!

Victoria is the Sales Director and Partner to Talent Propeller. Her expertise is to work with companies to re-educate them on how to improve their recruitment methods. Once Victoria understands the needs of her clients she will carefully select and demonstrate the relevant products that will assist them in improving their recruitment methods. You can follow Victoria on LinkedIn or you can reach her on 03 9691 4777.

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