Recruitment Dating - Volume 1

Posted  by +Theresa Cortesi 

Coming from a serial dater I can share a story or two with you… but how will these be relevant to your recruiting? Quite simply put – recruitment is like dating. Like a date you wine(water), dine(share a table with), share great anecdotes to make your date like you (paint a picture of your business) and all with the hope that at the end you will score… 

 So, let’s start at the start.

Firstly, you need to go fishing for your date, hence your advert needs to be tip top (see my previous posts), but the foreplay doesn’t quite stop there… you need to show the candidate enough to make them want more. This is where a careers website comes in. Think of a careers website like you would a dating profile – it is a place to really sell yourself and show your candidates why you are the best place to work.

83% of candidates want to apply through a careers website – and why? It has information not only the role but the company and people they are applying for. Would you rather go on a blind date or check out an RSVP profile to ensure there is some sort of attraction before fronting up for your hot date? 

Don’t tell me you have never applied for a job and researched your potential new employer? People are nosey buggers – they want to know who, what, where…. It’s your job as the employer, to bait your little fishies and show them a little skin… and soon you will be reeling them in.

Stay tuned for Volume 2 – the wining, dining and wooing

.Theresa Cortesi is the Client Director for Talent Propeller New Zealand. You can email her here or connect with her on LinkedIn

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