How to attract the next generation of skilled workers through smart employer branding.

For many businesses in Australia and New Zealand, there are two clear challenges that employers face when looking to hire the next generation of skilled workers.

How do you position your brand to get in front of this workforce and then, how do you close the loop to get them from being aware of you, to applying for the job with you?

Here are two key tips:

1. Leverage the channels this demographic is active on.

You want to connect with the best candidates early. As a business the best way to do this is to move your advertising away from a generalized approach, to a much more targeted approach. Understand where your audience are active.

For example, the likelihood is that if you are looking for Generation Z and Y to  fill transport and logistics roles, they aren’t going out and reading the classified section of the Sydney Morning Herald. Statistically they are more likely to be spending a charge chunk of their week, consuming content and communicating on social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram and Twitter, viewing popular entertainment websites via mobile.

You need to create a coordinated message that is put in front of these people in multiple locations so they have opportunity to consume the message and act.

2. Understand your employer brand, and the candidate experience.

In today's market, people are so inundated with choice; this means quick judgement need to be made.  As an employer in a job seekers market your image is everything, and this is especially true for the new wave of skilled workers, among who are the highest consumers of digital content.

These job seekers want to research a business prior to applying or being interviewed, they want to understand your brand personality, and if they fit into that equation. It goes without saying that remuneration, job packages are of key importance to job seekers, but tying this in with a slick employer brand ads a lot of value and positions you well against competitors.

Recruiting has been done the same way for the last 20 years, however in the last 20 years the people that are being recruited have changed so much. People are interacting, and engaging in a very different way.

This generation has been inundated with information overload, meaning  it has the luxury to respond to the messages that they believe are personalised and authentic.

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