New:Talent Propeller Analytic Reporting

Talent Propeller is excited to announce the launch of our new Analytic Reporting feature allowing you to see key analytics, indicating how your website and advertising is performing.

Analytics Reporting allows you to see:

How visitors are finding your careers website
Searching Google, coming to you direct or being referred by other media that you are advertising on? This means you can target your advertising spend in these areas, rather than waste money in areas that aren’t working or no one is looking at.

The most popular jobs on your site
Which copywriting is motivating people to read and engage? You can see which jobs are getting the most views and making people click!

Job drop-off rate
Which jobs are candidates starting to apply for, then not completing? Is your application form is putting people off? If so, we can provide you with strategies on how to improve it to drive more applications into your system.

Combining this with your reporting from where you’re hiring from we are now able to offer real insights and recommendations on how to adjust or redirect your advertising spend.

We recently saved a client $10,500 on their job board advertising as the statistics showed that they were never hiring from this media, and that more applicants were coming to them via Google with their growing employment brand. We may be able to deliver the same savings to you too!

Get in contact to find out how we can help you http://talentpropeller.co.nz/contact-us

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