Making Your Recruiting Organization Mobile-Ready

For many people the prospect of losing their phone is like living out a nightmare.  Everything from emails, photos, calendar dates, apps on how to cook and updates on the rich and famous all our at our disposal.  As technology for smartphones continues to impress and dazzle, there are estimates that there over 1.75 billion people are using smartphones and that figure is set to increase by 60% by 2017.  

From a business prospective, we would be silly not to take note. Why? Because when you send an applicant or someone in your talent community or on your mailing list a notice of a new job, what are they going to see when they click through on their mobile device? Will they be able to do anything with it? 

Smartphones have made information accessible faster, and easier and with this comes the desire to get what we want quickly and easily.  If a job seeker cannot get the information they want from your website within a couple of seconds, you are going to lose them. Period.

So - if you’re not there yet -  how do you get there and what does an optimal solution look like?

As mobile technology continues to play an increasing role in both personal and professional activities, companies that neglect to include mobile in their recruiting and talent management plans for the future, will be at a serious disadvantage. 

I have seen so many businesses yet to even include a careers page on their website let alone making their website mobile friendly. Well, it’s time to play catch up, and quick. 

Whilst you may respond with ‘well, they weren’t that interested in working for me then’, it’s time to wake up.  Good people have talent. Talent is in demand. Talent moves quickly. 

I work with dozens of businesses to overhaul their recruitment process as well as their recruitment attitude. This includes facing up to the fact that if your website is not mobile friendly, or worse, completely non-existent, you are missing out on people. That is a fact.

Solutions are a dime a dozen and they don’t need to be expensive. If you have a big budget, customisation may be best. However if you prefer an off-the-shelf solution, Talent Propeller has a careers website module that starts at just $100 a month and is fully mobile optimised. 

The first step is making an action plan. Decide to get into the digital age and stop missing out on talent!

Stay tuned for my next blog – Your Mobile Recruitment action plan.

Sharon Ballantyne Davies is the Founding Director of Talent Propeller and is also the director of businesses Big Splash and Tech Engine. Between her businesses, Sharon has been the driving force behind the success of the various international offices. A visionary entrepreneur, particularly in the recruitment and HR industries, she is always relentlessly looking for new and better ways of doing things.

You can reach Sharon here

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