How can smaller businesses compete for top talent?

Do you find that you are missing out on candidates because they receive another job offer before you have completed your recruitment process? As staff in smaller businesses usually have far more diverse roles than large corporates (where employees tend to specialise), being lumped with the recruitment process as another project to juggle can take you to tipping point.

Often, applications are received into an inbox, attempt to be managed via an Excel spreadsheet and the result is a long list of names but no idea of the suitability for the role or the company. Imagine being able to immediately identify people who had the relevant skills or attitude to perform in your role, and you could cut the recruitment process in half?  We see so many small businesses missing out on great candidates because of slow or ineffective recruitment strategies. Having efficient processes is critical, for big AND small companies to streamline recruitment and ensure you hire as quickly as possible.

Here are some ideas to increase the time to hire in your organisation  
  • Look at your application process – how easy is it for candidates to apply with you? Are you asking them to jump through hoops or complete complex application forms with information already in their resume? Keep it simple.
  • Think outside the box – ask applicants to submit an introductory video of themselves first or as part of their application so you can have some face time before deciding on your shortlist.
  • Phone or Skype interview to speed up the initial selection process
  • Consider using a response management tool to manage and categorise incoming applications – there are some incredibly cost effective solutions on the market (such as the Talent Propeller response manager tool you can use on a per job basis for less than $100)
  • Keep your applicants engaged with emails updating them on your process. Leaving candidates hanging for weeks on end with no communication is a sure-fire way to alienate them or loose them! If you are using a response management tool emailing can be quick and effortless.
  • Think of the environment and stop printing CVs! If you are taking CVs home to review in front of the TV – STOP! Use a response management tool that categorises your applicants in order of suitability as soon as they have applied! Magic.

We would be happy to discuss other recruitment process strategies with you – just get in contact.

Sharon Ballantyne Davies is the Founding Director of Talent Propeller and is also the director of businesses Big Splash and Tech Engine. Between her businesses, Sharon has been the driving force behind the success of the various international offices. A visionary entrepreneur, particularly in the recruitment and HR industries, she is always relentlessly looking for new and better ways of doing things.
You can reach Sharon here

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