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It’s true, I can no longer deny it. Put me in the middle of a room full of customers where I can talk to them about my business and I feel like I’m on centre stage and the world is my oyster. Yes it sounds cringe worthy and at any other time I myself would cringe at such a public out pour of affection towards sales – but here’s why I love it so much.

This week I have had the honour to exhibit our business at a local Not for Profit People conference through Ethical Jobs in Melbourne. Typically I will spend 90% of my time in the office on the phone drumming up business – it’s what I’m good at and I enjoy breaking down the doors others usually fear. However there are times where you feel stale and you look for something to help reinvigorate your pitch and love for sales – and this is no easy task. So what is the answer? Go to a conference!

I believe the environment at a conference creates less pressure for both businesses that are selling and businesses that are buying.  The attendees appear to be more open to discussing the potential opportunities in working with you and the flow of conversation feels as if you are sat down with an old friend sharing stories over a glass of wine.

And I LOVE IT. To me it’s the best way to promote/sell/market your business to potential customers – seeing their expressions as you tell them about your service creates excitement. Looking at the other exhibitors as they try to figure out why you have the largest crowd creates healthy competition, you look around and all of a sudden the room is booming with endless opportunities.

If you feel like your sales pitch is in a rut, and you need motivation or reenergising then get yourself to a conference – there is nothing like basic human interaction to get the creative juices flowing!

Victoria is the Sales Director and Business Partner  in Talent Propeller. Her expertise is in working with companies to re-educate them on how to improve their recruitment methods. You can follow Victoria on LinkedIn or you can reach her on 03 9691 4777.

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