Recruitment Dating volume 3 – Don’t leave ‘em hanging!

Posted by +Theresa Cortesi 

So the date went well, the candidate impressed but now the good old debate – when do I call them?

When recruiting, it is key to keep communication with your candidate clear and constant. Applying for a job and hearing zilch for 3 weeks = not cool. You need to ensure your candidates are kept up-to-date with their application starting from the moment they apply to when you fill the role. Too often I hear shortlisted candidates calling in following up on the progress of their application. Some candidates have even been to interviews and had no follow up – now that is just poor form.

Once a candidate has taken the time out of their day to meet with you, make sure you make that courteous effort to call them a few days after. Better yet, in the interview tell them when they can expect to hear from you.

It can be a hard conversation to have at times - the old it’s not you it’s me. So how do you have that awkward conversation with a candidate who has been in for an interview and isn’t your shining star? This easiest way is quite simply to call them and tell them that it was a really tough decision to make. Say that you have gone with a candidate who possesses a few more skills and/or experience than they have. This allows for little recourse and lets them down as gently as possible.

The easiest way to manage the communication is having a system that works for your business which can assist you in tracking candidates status and contact – I hear there is a good one in town…

Hey, but if you’re on an actual date and it doesn’t go well – I suggest changing your number and running.

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