Recruitment Dating volume 2 - Pucker up frogs!

Posted by +Theresa Cortesi 

Following on from the other week’s instalment…

When searching for candidates you sometimes have to go through a lot of frogs before finding the ONE. But to avoid lip chafing and a lot of time wasting, you need to find the best way to do this. Is outsourcing the way to go, or is it e-recruitment systems, perhaps a new PA? There are multiple ways and finding one that is cost-effective, and works for you, is critical to your recruitment.

So, let’s talk outsourcing.
A few girlfriends and I were sitting around the house one night updating my online profile and we decided then to try outsourcing… for dates! I’m serious, any “prospective” dates had to be filtered through by my friends, they would shortlist and then I would date. Very similar to how one may decide to outsource finding candidates.

Key in ensuring this worked is that a) my friends needed a brief from me, b) they understood who I am and what I was looking for and c) I was confidant in their skills to trust them. This is how outsourcing works. Finding that person or team who understand your company, your needs and who can act on your behalf to find the prince among the frogs.

Ultimately, the call was on me to pick my final dates but I had a fine selection of potential candidates handed to me – and if I do say a handsome bunch to boot.

Want to know about the dates… well… let’s just say one of the shortlisted candidates that was selected is now in a happy relationship – with me.

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