Technology and Recruitment

Posted by Sharon Ballantyne
Technology is changing recruitment – we have seen that in the decrease in newspaper ads and massive growth in online job boards. I think the next five years are going to see just as many changes with a decline in generic job boards such as Seek and an increase in social media portals to recruit. As the Gen-Y’s enter leadership roles and take up HR or recruitment Manager roles, they will be far more tech savvy than any of their previous counterparts, and will find being inundated by irrelevant resumes a complete waste of time, and will prefer to target their ideal candidate head on (or probably more appropriate, tech-on!)

The most recent shift we have seen is the popularity of e-recruitment systems as well as the use of Linked In to find candidates. From whizz bang systems for those with massive budgets, where you can push out a report with graphs and tables to impress senior management, right through to the lower cost systems to filter and file your candidates to make shortlisting a breeze.  We are even seeing Seek scurry in attempts to morph themselves from a job board into having an e-recruitment offering (however the manner in which they are doing it leaves little to be desired, but I digress…)*

The underlying point is however, what is your organisation doing to keep up with the changing face of recruitment and the move to technology? Are you getting left behind? Are you doing things the way you have always done things? Are you going to get hit by the demands made by media that you pay to utilise? 

Talent Propeller is banking on a few key changes to the way businesses across NZ and Australia recruit so are creating technology and services to enable our clients to be at the forefront of the changing recruitment age.  With technology moving fast, and recruitment technology even faster, anyone who doesn’t educate themselves on the services and tools available to them to attract and manage the best talent are seriously disadvantaging themselves and probably wasting a lot of their time. 

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Sharon Ballantyne is the founding Director of Talent Propeller.

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