E-Recruitment: Real costs savings through increased efficiency

UK based software developer Netsite reported recently on the growing use of e-recruitment and the real costs savings through increased efficiency.

According to a study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), 73% of businesses are reporting reduced costs through using e-recruitment.

The study also went on to find;

  • More than 70% of employers advertise their jobs on their own careers site
  • E-recruitment helps reduce the size of adverts in conventional print media
  • Businesses are building their own Talent Pool retaining details of highly skilled candidates for future roles
  • Pre-filtering candidates as they apply helps save time by quickly directing focus to the most suitable applications.

Importantly though it is not just businesses who are benefiting. Candidates are receiving a much higher level of service through e-recruitment systems giving them an overall more satisfying experience with the hirer.

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