Do you underestimate the value of your time?

"Time is Money."  

When recruiting staff, we factor in number of costs; advertising,interviews, training and induction, but how much is the time you spend on theinitial phases of recruitment costing you?
By the time you load ads on job boards or book them into newspapers,receive applications via email, read each application that comes through, thenreply to unsuccessful candidates before calling in those you have shortlisted,you are running up a large bill on your time. How much is your time worth?

E-recruitment is a booming industry with more and more businessesdiscovering its benefits; 
  • Saving time on processing applications
  • Easily filing candidates and application history
  • Building your employment brand through a professional applicationprocess 
These are just a fewbenefits...

With over 300 businesses using their system across New Zealand andAustralia, Talent Propeller is fast building a reputation as a leader andinnovator in the e-recruitment industry.

How much time are Talent Propeller clients saving? Managing Director,Sharon Ballantyne says, "Our clients are reportingan average 30% cut in the time they spend on their whole recruitment process. On top ofthis, clients are also reporting a 15% drop in their spend on recruitmentadvertising."

So why aren’t all businesses who recruit regularly using e-recruitment?Sharon points out that there are some preconceived beliefs about e-recruitmentthat don't apply to Talent Propeller.

1. e-recruitment is expensive to set-up and run: false
"Under the basic Talent Propeller system, clients can expect to payas little as $200 + GST a month. The Talent Propeller system is also free toset-up"

2. e-recruitment requires messy software integration: false
"The Talent Propeller system is all online meaning you can accessyour data whenever you need it. It also means there is no need to load softwareto existing systems, paying licensing fees."

3. e-recruitment requires a long-term commitment and contracts: false
"Talent Propeller has over 300 clients and not one is using the systemunder contract. We believe that contracts breed bad service and for this reasonwe do not use them. Every one of our clients is free to stop using our systemwhenever they want - it's just that none of them want to.

The Talent Propeller e-recruitment solution caters for businesses whorecruit frequently and not so frequently. So now that you are curious, whydon't you give us a call?

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